Alphabet Entrepreneurship Development Innovation Training


A leading industry- based, designing and manufacturing  Alphabet technology, Alphabet Products  in  the  nurturing of business  and education community members from age 3 to 65+.


2.1             Designing and manufacturing industry based alphabet technology and industry based alphabet products

2.2             The Application of designed and manufactured industry based  technology and products as lessons in the teaching of  Entrepreneurship

2.3             The application of the theory and practice of the Alphabet Innovation as a teaching methodology in all subjects.

2.4             The construction of the school subject project and  the tertiary education level course  project  (both aspects of continuous assessment at school level and tertiary education levels respectively,) should be in the form of the industry  based alphabet implementable research, alphabet  technology and alphabet products  for industrial and household use.

      2.5  The setting up of  the Fettmer Virtual Enterprise and Employment  Creation  Community University based  on the industry based alphabet innovation philosophy