Alphabet Innovation Community,National and Global Targeted groups

Business Sector

4.1.1 Trainers-Retired Professionals and established sector based  Micro, Small to Medium size Enterprise Owners,  who become Private and Public based Collaborating Partners in the implementation of the Alphabet Innovation

4.1.2 Policy makers- Chief Executive Officer  and Directors in the public and private sectors

4.1.3 Local Leadership-Traditional  Leaders, Political Leaders,  Civic Leaders  and Church Leaders.

4.1.4   Diverse Community Members –  Unemployed Women and Girls, Unemployed  Youths, the  Physically  Challenged and those in Correctional Services and  Marginalized Men


4.2 Existing Education Sector

 4.2.1  Practising Educationists for teaching in the education system learners, ECD, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Education level  (Teacher  Education Colleges, Universities and Polytechnical Colleges.