Vision and Mission


A leading player in nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurial spirit driving enterprise and employment creation for sustainable national and global economic development. 


Nurture an entrepreneurial spirit through he dissemination of the theory and practice  of Alphabet Entrepreneurship Development innovation to aspiring and  innovative  entrepreneurs in Communities (retired professionals, women, youths, the physically challenged, the in and out of incarceration, the out of school learners, and tertiary education students, journalists, members of the police, soldiers, Members of Parliament, traditional leaders), in  the Private and Public Sectors (policy makers), in the business sector(existing  Micro, Small to  Medium size Enterprises Owners,  Executive Officers of Corporations) and in the education sector (practicing educationists from Early Childhood Development  to Tertiary Education level , as well as teacher education) to become successful professional enterprise owner employers, who create and operate enterprises utilizing local raw materials, register their companies, conduct research with implementable recommendations, engage in primary and or secondary production, offer service delivery and the local and external marketing of the locally manufactured products.