The Senior Management Consultant/Managing Director

Work History

Dr Elizabeth Marunda is a Senior Management Consultant currently researching, implementing and writing on an innovation coined Alphabet Entrepreneurship Development Innovation.

Previously she worked as a Principal Director in charge of a departments whose divisions included two parastatals,  Education statistical research, Policy  and Planning as well as  Curriculum Development and sub Accountant  supervising 40 employees(2009-2014)

Worked a  Management Consultant in the areas of employment council mediation, business skills training of  youths, women entrepreneurs and associations, leadership courses at Zipam,  collaborated with other companied o or worked as Fettmer Consulting in organizational development with the objective of resuscitation of challenged companies(1997-2014). During the same period, one worked as a university lecturer in the areas of, Research Methods,  Entrepreneurship, Operation Management, Supervision of BOOST students and Research projects as well as mentoring of students.

Had an opportunity to pursues studies at Masters and PhD levels and carried out voluntary work in the Zimbabwe Tourist office during challenged times, as well as preparing meals for some officials whenever it was necessary to do so (1987 -1996)

Initially had worked as a teacher first as a temporary teacher and then as a qualified one, taught Bible Knowledge, History, Biology,  Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Shona Language and Culture, Business English, Art and Crafts, Child Psychology,  mentored students, Basket ball and tennis coaching as well as indoor games (1975-1987)


Academic and Professional Qualifications

Dr Elizabeth Marunda, earned PhD from Frankfurt University Germany(1996

  MBA from City University Seattle (1997),  M Ed Human Resources Education from Boston  University (1991) Dip H Ed and  B Ed Honours from the  University of Wales. (1976-1980)