Goals, Objectives and Values





To supervise university research students (undergraduate, graduate and

post-graduate). To promote the creation of employing enterprises by first

nurturing persons between 3-65+ years of age with an entrepreneurial spirit 

through the Alphabet Entrepreneurship Development Innovation (AEDI) \

Training Programme.





Fettmer Consulting conducts 20 AEDI training workshops with

25 participants each in 10 provinces in one year in the following areas:

AEDI- Theory -and -Practice –Train-the-Trainer Programme; 

Starting and Running a Business Course and

Attachment opportunities offered by Collaborating Partners.



Fettmer Consulting offers the AEDI based training programme

in the sequence shown below.

The content will be offered virtually except in

cases where power point presentations have been requested.



Local resources utilitarianism

Locally manufactured products appreciated



Smart working