1Introductory Remarks : Varied personal and professional attributes encouraged and continue to encourage meditative and exploratory research. The initial research resulted in the emergence of the motto or first trade mark, RETOMAP which is the basis for the Alphabet Innovation, its programmes and the Alphabet Innovation Design Teaching Methodology which nurtures 3 to 65+ year olds with an entrepreneurship DNA and entrepreneurial Spirit promoting the creation of enterprises, employment and wealth through the FVEECOCU (All Education Level University Model/Combined University School Education System Model) in marginalizaed communities, associations and education system(s) nationally and globally, at the same time developing individuals who are …….. How is this done? … The answer lies in Section 1: the evolvement of the Alphabet Innovation, Section 2: the 8 emerging Intellectual Properties, Section 3: the 1 Patent, Section 4: the 6 Programmes Section 5: the Products Section 6: Potential Schedule For Fettmer-Fveecocu Operations Section 7: Opportunities Based On The Alphabet Innovation Section 8.0 The Importance Of Innovations And Innovators Section 1.0: The Alphabet Innovation Evolvement 1.1 Alphabet Entrepreneurship Development Innovation (AEDI) impacting on the curriculum, also 1.2 .further evolved into a guiding philosophy for business, education, the environment, industrialization, sustainability issues(language, culture, gender equality,) equality before the law, social justice, accountability and transparency . 1.3 And also evolved into an intervention strategy addressing unemployment, poverty, food insecurity, climate change, environmental degradation and deforestation, selective application of the law, social injustice, gender inequality, and corruption. Fettmer and its Subsidiary FVEECOCU have given rise to Products with FETTMERPRODUCTS .” as trade mark. The Products include Intellectual Properties -7); Patent-1); Training programs -4) Alphabet Biscuits, and Alphabet Potato Chips; and RETOMAP T-SHIRTS for sale Section 2.0: FETTMER-FVEECOCU 1INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES 2.1 Intellectual Property 1: The Alphabet Innovation/The Alphabet Entrepreneurship Development Innovation; 2.2 Intellectual Property 2: The 21ST Century Novel Alphabet Innovation based FVEECOCU- An All Education Level University Model / FVEECOCU A Combined University School Education System Model; 2.3 Intellectual Property 3:Alphabet Packaging; 2.4 Intellectual Property 4: Alphabet Potato Chips; 2.5 Intellectual Property 5: The Alphabet Innovation Design Industry; 2.6 Intellectual Property 6: The Alphabet Innovation Design Teaching `Methodology; and 2.7 Intellectual Property7: RETOMAP Printed Fabric 2.8 Intellectual Property8”: Alphabet Innovation Design Printed Fabric Section 3.0 : PATENT: 3.1 Fettmer Anti Skin Growth Cream; Section 4.0: ALPHABET INNOVATION BASED PROGRAMS 4.1 Alphabet Innovation based Lobbying Program(traditional leadets, politicians, civic organizations, NGOs, consumers, public and private policy makers and investors) 4.2 Alphabet Innovation based Corporate Social Responsibility Programme 4.3 Alphabet Innovation based FVEECOCU (All Education Level University Model/Combined University School Education System Model) 4.4 Alphabet Innovation based Train the Trainers’ Program; 4.5 Alphabet Innovation based Community Programme and its Pathway 4.6 Alphabet Innovation based Complement to the Contemporary Education System Section 5.0 :Alphabet Innovation Design Products RETOMAP - T-Shirts, Caps. Neck Scarves, Head Scarves, T-Shirts, Caps. Neck Scarves, FettmerProducts T-Shirts, Caps. Neck Scarves, Head Scarves, T-Shirts, Caps. Neck Scarves, Section 6.0 : Potential Schedule For Fettmer-FVEECOCU Operations From January 3, 2024, there are open booking times or consultation times on a First come First serve Basis. Individuals or Employing Organizations can make bookings for Meetings Quarterly Workshop, Biannual Seminars and Annual Conferences as whose dates are to be confirmed by December 15, 2024. These dates can be checked from 1.www.facebook.com/elizabeth.marunda.1/?nef=nf 2.www.google.com/fettmer-fveecocu-privatei 3.https://fettmer-waieecstore.company.site / 4,www.fettmerconsulting.co.zw; (inactive) ; SECTION 7: Although Opportunities Based On The Alphabet Innovation Are Enormous, They could increase if the Initial Innovation and the Innovator were Acknowledged. Nevertheless, some cited opportunities are written below. 7.1 Set up your own SME- An All Education Level University Model / Combined University School Education System Model to be registered as per your country’s registration procedures.( FVEECOCU is the name of the Model for Zimbabwe) 7.1.1 Employment Opportunities in the FVEECOCU Model: (Also applicable to your country Model in other countries) 7.1.2 An Administrator of the STEM Arm of the Model consisting of classes with one stream 7.1.3 Head and Teacher for “A” Level 7.1.4 Head and Teacher for “O” Level 7.1.5Head and Teacher for Primary Level 7.1.6 Head and Teacher for ECD 7.1.8 Head and 3 Teachers for Marginalized Resident Communities and Associations 7.1.9 Community Social Worker 7.1.10 School Psychologist 7.1.11 Trade Professional 7.1.12 Research Coordinator 7.2. Administrator of Humanities and General Science Arm of the Model also consisting of classes with one stream at each education level 7.2.1 Head and Teacher for “A” Level 7.2.2 Head and Teacher for “O” Level 72.3 Head and Teacher for Primary Level 7.2.4 Head and Teacher for ECD 7.2.5 Head and Teacher for Community Development 7.2.6 Community Social Worker 7.2.7 School Psychologist 7.2.8 Trade Professional 7.2.9 Research Coordinator 7.2.10 SME Owner Employers become Collaborating Partners in offering on the job training. These are SMEs operating in in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mining, Literary and Expressive Arts, Alphabet Innovation Design Industry as well as Crafts, Health Science ( Nutrition and Sport) and SMEs addressing national and Global challenges and problems. 7.2.11 A Manufacturing Entrepreneur with an Alphabet Innovation or Alphabet Innovation Design based Franchise

The 21st Century Novel Education System Model ( ECD to University Level)  referred

to as FVEECOCU  Education Model in Zimbabwe


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